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What should Parents look for when choosing a Preschool?

Preschool is a crucial element of your child’s life. However, often, parents choose a preschool that’s near, or convenient, and don’t give education and overall development, the careful thought it deserves. As responsible parents, you must realize the significance of the preschool phase, and hence, choose the best preschool for your child. So, what is it that you must look for in a preschool? Here’s the answer.

5 Things to Consider while choosing a Preschool

  • Pay a Personal Visit and check the First Impression
  • Make sure you visit the preschool before enrolling and take a look at everything that it offers – right from the surroundings, the rooms, the overall environment, and also at the hygiene practices and the existing safety measures (presence of CCTV cameras, security guard). As a parent, the first impression, and the overall feeling about the preschool is critical. If you don’t get the right vibe, don’t go for it! Look for another one.

  • Check the Preschool Curriculum
  • While you want your child to stay safe and enjoy the day away from you, you must also focus on the education part. Preschools must follow the latest and the most competitive curriculum to help children to develop various age-relevant skills. The curriculum must offer rich content, practical learning, and also foster social and emotional development within your child. So, ensure that you evaluate the course curriculum, preschool activities, teachers’ qualifications, learning infrastructure, and environment before enrolling

  • Read the Parent Handbook
  • The parent handbook comprises of the preschool’s working hours, registration fee, tuition fee, vacation, and sickness policies. You must ensure that the policies are mutually agreeable and not partial.

  • Parents’ Participation
  • Considering the criticality of those growing years in terms of learning and your relationship with your child, you must check if the preschool allows adequate parent participation in the child’s learning process. You don’ have to micromanage the learning part every day. However, meeting your child at the preschool, watching him learn, and appreciating his achievements are crucial for long-term bonding.

  • Ask for Feedback
  • Real-time feedback proves useful in making the right choice. Hence, gather reviews from parents about the performance, and the overall reputation of the preschool. Besides, consult your pediatrician to know the competence of a particular course curriculum from the viewpoint of emotional, social, and intellectual development.

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